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Helmets are essential safety items for all cyclists. Featuring advanced technologies such as polycarbonate construction and cycling-optimized ventilation systems, their design and functionality are customized to the sport for which they are intended. Size matters—if you can’t try the helmet on in person, be sure to measure the circumference of your head and consult the size guide.
Why is it important to wear a cycle helmet?
Wearing a bicycle helmet, particularly a Mavic helmet, is essential for cyclists' safety. In the event of a fall or accident, the helmet is designed to absorband deflect the impact, protecting the head from serious injury. Cycling clothing, such as jerseys and shorts, improve comfort and performance, but the helmet provides essential protection.
What safety criteria should I look for when buying a helmet?
When buying a helmet, such as those offered by Mavic, it's crucial to look for certain safety criteria. Certification standards such as CE-EN 1078 and CPSC 1203 indicate adequate legal protection. Make surethat the helmet offers sufficient ventilation without compromising protection.. Reflective elements, combined with visible cycling clothing, increase visibility, while the fit system ensures the helmet stays in place in case of impact.
How do you know when to replace your bike helmet?
Cycling helmets, including ours, should be replaced after a notable impact, even if no visible damage is apparent. The materials which absorb the energy of the impact can be weakened. It should be replaced as soon as any deformation is visible on the polycarbonate shell or inside the helmet. Helmets generally have a recommended lifespan of 5 years: exposure to UV rays, perspiration and the elements can degrade even the best materials over time, reducing your helmet's ability to protect you.
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