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Mountain Bike Range - Experience nature’s adrenaline

Robust and Inspired

Like a faithful riding partner, Mavic MTB equipment never refuses an outing. Everything in this range is robust and reliable, designed to enhance your adventures no matter the terrain or style of riding. For cross-country, enduro or downhill, acoustic or e-bike, Mavic MTB equipment helps you push your limits and inspires confidence, turn after turn, descent after descent.


Style for All

We believe that style is both how you look and how you ride. That’s why Mavic MTB accessories are designed with contemporary lines and thoughtful details, all underscored by form and function. Redefine the way you ride and how you look.


Key Technology

TechnologyUST Tubeless

Traction and control, Universal Standard for Tubeless. Tubeless system ready to ride. The UST system improves traction, control and comfort while reducing inertia and the risk of punctures.


Stiffer and more robust, instead of being drilled, the lower bridge of the rim is pushed inwards, then threaded to allow direct screwing of the spoke nipples and leave the upper bridge intact.

TechnologyInstant Drive 360

The new Instant Drive 360 freewheel system is ultra-light and efficient. An oversized non-contact rubber seal reduces friction to a minimum, and a wide selection of adapters makes it compatible with a wide range of frames and axles.

Sensory Experience

Let the feelings speak. The products in the MTB range are designed for maximum riding pleasure. Straight-forward installation, ease of use, repairability and adaptability to all conditions: Mavic products focus on the riding experience—because balance should not be a compromise between efficiency and pleasure. 


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