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Changing an Adapter/Wheel Axle

Changing an Adapter/Wheel Axle

Mavic wheels are designed to fit most of the standard front and rear axles on the market. Our wheels can be fitted with specific adapters to ensure compatibility with your frame.

Find all the instructions for dozens of different models and configurations, for both mountain bikes and road bikes, in our dedicated guides. They detail how to identify axle specifications so you can find and install the right adapters if needed.

For each type of wheel, these guides show you the bearing and freewheel body design, the hub specifications, the exact part numbers for the wheels, the required configuration and the codes for the adapters, as well as a visual guide for how to size them properly. 

You can also find all our technical manuals on valves, freewheel bodies and Mavic tools at our technical center.

Access the guide for Mavic road bike axle adapters here

Access the guide for Mavic MTB specific axle adapters here