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Univers Urbain

Urban Bike/City Bike Range - Open the cityscape

Urban adventure

For Mavic, the city is a land for adventure, and the bike is a tool to reinvent every routine. Each product in the Urban range is designed to navigate the streets and paths in complete safety and with modern style, from helmets with integrated visors to winter kit to the most  puncture-proof tires on the market. Every trip is an opportunity to have fun—even if it’s to an appointment with the dentist.


Functional Elegance

Every accessory in Mavic’s Urban range is an affirmation of style, with modern lines, intricate details and commute-specific utility that works immaculately and looks good, on and off the bike. Tested in our workshops by ruthless machines and passionate perfectionists, the Urban range will withstand every challenge, so each city cyclist and commuter can ride with peace of mind. Why choose between elegance and function?


We Know the Road

Mavic has been an innovator in cycling for more than a century. Since 1889, we’ve been committed to enriching the daily cycling experience, and we bring that rich history to the Urban range, making daily journeys safer and more fun.


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