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Cycling shoes are crucial for optimizing performance and comfort during your outing, whether it's a race or a ride. The main factors cyclists consider surround the choice between road, MTB, gravel or urban shoes, compatibility with different pedal systems, sole stiffness, and how to adjust the fit for maximum comfort. Breathability, waterproofing, fastening systems and maintenance are also high on the priority list. 
What is the difference between road, MTB and gravel shoes?
Road shoes are designed for optimum performance on asphalt, with a rigid sole to help transmit power. MTB shoes have a sturdier, grippier  lugged  sole, offering traction suited to rough terrain. Gravel shoes, on the other hand, combine elements of the previous two to offer versatility and performance on varied terrain.
How do I choose cycling shoes that are compatible with my pedal system?
In most cases, the pedals you purchase will come with compatible cleats. Common systems include SPD, Look and Speedplay. Before buying, check the pedal manufacturer's recommendations and make sure you have the appropriate pieces and parts on-hand. 
How can I be sure that my cycling shoes are the right size?
Measure the length of your foot and consult our size guide. Take into account the width of your foot, as some models are designed for wider or narrower feet. Ideally, you should try on several sizes and models to find the best fit, which is crucial for comfort and performance.
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