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Style and versatility for committed cyclists 

Men's Cycling Jerseys

Style and versatility for committed cyclists 
Mavic’s cycling jerseys set the stage for an unforgettable experience on two wheels, with a range of products that are exceptional in both style and performance.

The art of cycling...

Cycling jersey considerations include the materials used, sweat management, UV protection, compatibility with different weather conditions, aerodynamics, size selection, care advice and, finally, the difference between road and mountain bike jerseys. 
What are the best cycling jerseys for men?
The best cycling jerseys for men offer a balanced mix of comfort, performance and style. Key features to look for are breathable, lightweight fabric, a slim fit to reduce drag, rear pockets to store your essentials, reflective branding elements and tape for improved visibility, and a quality zip for optimum ventilation. 
How do I choose the right sized men's cycling jersey?
To choose the right men's cycling jersey size, it's essential to take your measurements into account. Measure your chest, waist and arm length to determine the size that suits you best. Then consult the size guide to find the exact match. Bear in mind that cycling jerseys tend to be tailored to reduce aerodynamic drag, so it's best to choose a slightly larger size if you're less focused on pure performance and prefer a more relaxed fit. Note that all of Mavic’s sizing has been redesigned to be less snug, so this last piece of advice is only true for those who are really in between sizes.
How do I care for a men's cycling jersey?
To prolong the life of your men's cycling jersey, it's important to follow the manufacturer's care instructions. Most jerseys can be machine washed at a low temperature, but it's best to wash them inside out to avoid damaging the designs or logos. Use a mild detergent and avoid using fabric softener, as this can clog the pores of the fabric. After washing, air dry the jersey away from direct sunlight.
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