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Safety and style at the heart of your daily commute

Urban Cycling Helmets

Safety and style at the heart of your daily commute
Mavic’s urban cycling helmets pair safety and style for riding in urban environments. Whether simply heading out for some exercise, running errands or commuting back and forth to work, these...
Urban cycle helmets offer the perfect blend of style, comfort and safety for urban cyclists. Featuring efficient ventilation systems, adjustable straps and impact-resistant protective shells, these helmets are your best bet for safety and comfort in urban environments. They comply with current safety standards and are easy to maintain and clean.
What are the best urban cycle helmets on the market?
The best urban cycle helmets offer a combination of style, comfort and safety for urban cyclists. These helmets are packed with features such as effective ventilation systems, adjustable straps and impact-resistant shells. They are also lightweight and ergonomic, offering a perfect fit for a safe and enjoyable riding experience in urban environments.
A large retractable visor protects your field of vision from wind, insects and dust. Mavic offers two different coatings: a clear version (standard on part of the collection) and a slightly tinted mirrored version (that comes standard on the majority of the collection). The tinted option provides sun protection and also reduces the glare of low-beam headlights at night. The spherical shape was developed to be suited for all types of riders. 
What are the most important factors to consider when buying an urban cycle helmet?
When buying an urban cycle helmet, there are a number of important criteria to consider. Firstly, make sure the helmet complies with current safety standards, such as EN 1078. Next, assess the fit, ventilation and the adjustment system. A helmet with an easy-to-use adjustment system and adjustable straps will help you fine-tune the fit. Finally, consider the helmet's weight and design, choosing a model that best suits your wants and needs. 
How do I maintain and clean an urban cycle helmet?
To maintain and clean your urban cycle helmet, follow these simple steps. First, remove the inner pads and straps from the helmet. Wash them by hand with lukewarm water and a mild soap, then leave them to dry in the open air (but not near a source of heat or sunlight). To wash the outside of the helmet, use a soft, damp cloth, taking care not to use harsh chemicals. If the helmet is very dirty, you can use a little mild soap diluted in lukewarm water. Finally, leave the helmet to dry completely before reassembling it.
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