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Forged for fun
Aluminum, an iconic and tried-and-tested material in the world of cycling, has contributed to generations of high-performance, reliable and affordable bikes. 

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Aluminum road bike wheels have proven their worth to a wide range of cyclists. Common questions concern aluminum's durability and strength, how it compares with carbon, relative weight, braking performance, and compatibility with various types of tire. Questions also focus ont rim technology, stiffness compared with carbon, and advice and recommendations from experts in the field.
What are the advantages of aluminum wheels compared with carbon wheels?
Aluminum wheels have won the confidence of cyclists with their robustness and resilience to impact. Beyond their durability, aluminum wheels  are known for exceptional braking performance for rim brakes, offering a more consistent and predictable braking surface than carbon, particularly in wet conditions. Although carbon wheels can offer superior weight savings and aerodynamics, aluminum is often more affordable, making it ideal for those looking to balance cost, performance and longevity.
How do I maintain my aluminum wheels?
Maintaining aluminum wheels is fairly straightforward but essential to ensure longevity. After every ride, especially in the rain or on salty roads, a quick clean will help prevent corrosion. We recommend cleaning wheels with warm water and a mild detergent and using a non-abrasive sponge or cloth to avoid scratching the surface. In addition, a thorough inspection of the rims is crucial, especially if you use rim brakes, to detect any signs of wear or deformation.
Is aluminum heavier than carbon?
In general, aluminum is heavier than carbon. Thanks to technological innovations, however, there are now very light aluminum wheels. It is important to note that weight is only one aspect of a wheel's performance. A well-designed aluminum wheel can offer a very enjoyable riding experience, with a robust feel and excellent power transmission. From a pure weight-savings perspective, however, carbon remains the material of choice.
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