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Efficient grip and cozy comfort? Check.

MTB shoes

Efficient grip and cozy comfort? Check.
Mavic MTB shoes are the fruit of unrivaled expertise, know-how and, above all, shared passion. This virtuous mix gives rise to shoes that meet the needs of the most demanding cyclists and offer...
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Mountain bike shoes areessential to enjoying the cycling experience—standard sneakers just won’t cut it. Factors to consider include how they differ from road shoes, fastening systems, durability and comfort, the choice between rigid or flexible soles, and protection from the elements. Other factors include weight, maintenance, ventilation, and toe protection.


What is the main difference between MTB and road shoes?

MTB shoes are designed with a sturdy sole that is often lugged to make it easier to walk or carry the bike over rough terrain. Unlike road shoes, they provide better grip in dirt, mud and on rocks. Mavic mountain bike shoes are compatible with most clip-in pedal systems. 


How do I look after my mountain bike boots?

Proper care of your mountain bike boots will ensure their longevity. We recommend that you clean them after each ride, especially if they are muddy, using lukewarm water and a soft brush. Leave them to air dry], away from direct sources of heat. To maintain the suppleness of the upper, whether constructed from leather or synthetic materials, consider treating the exterior with conditioning and waterproofing products. 


What sole stiffness should I choose for my mountain bike boots?

The stiffness of the sole influences the transmission of pedaling power. A rigid sole offers greater efficiency by transmitting energy directly to the pedals, making it ideal for competitiive use. However, a softer sole can offer more comfort and traction when hike-a-biking and/or hanging out after a ride,and is better suited to mixed terrain and enduro riding. Ultimately it comes down to each rider’s personal preferences, as each style of shoe has its advantages depending on terrain and tactics.


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