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Robustness without compromise

MTB hubs

Robustness without compromise

Bicycle hubs are essential components that connect the wheel spokes to the frame, playing a vital role in the bike's overall performance. Whether focused on road, mountain bike, triathlon or other disciplines, questions arise about the choice between different types of bearings, the impact of hub weight on performance, how hubs vary according to discipline, the type of maintenance required, the importance of the engagement point, compatibility with different braking systems and longevity.

How do you choose between different types of bearings for hubs?

The choice of bearing depends on use and budget. Sealed cartridge bearings are generally durable and require little maintenance. Ball bearings, although requiring more frequent adjustment, can be maintained and often provide a smoother ride in the long term.

Are hubs specific to each discipline?

Yes and no. While the basic structure of a hub remains similar, the specification can vary. For example, a mountain bike hub may be built to withstand rough terrain, while a triathlon hub will be more focused on aerodynamics. In addition, axle dimensions and braking systems vary widely across disciplines. .

How can I ensure the longevity of my hub?

Regular maintenance is essential. This means regularly checking the bearings, greasing them or replacing them if necessary. It is also vital to ensure that the spokes are properly tensioned to avoid excessive pressure on the hub. Finally, it is advisable to protect the hub from moisture and dirt to prevent corrosion and premature wear.

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