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Dive into Mavic technologies and enter a whole new world of cycling (and understand all our acronyms). From the first aluminum rim to the invention of the tubeless system, we've never stopped improving. Thanks to its penchant for innovation, Mavic has left its mark on the history—and future—of cycling. Here are some of the flagship Mavic technologies influencing cycling today.


Shorter braking distances in all weather conditions.

Thanks to a unique laser treatment applied to the carbon brake band to enhance its rough texture, the friction of the pads is exceptional. What's more, by applying a patented resin and a specific heat treatment, the carbon rim doesn't overheat even after repeated braking or descending a mountain pass. This is the most reliable and efficient carbon rim braking system on the market.


Fore Carbon

A rigid rim that's 10% lighter and ultra-reliable.

With our Fore technology, the connection between the spokes and the rim is secured by metal inserts embedded during the molding of the carbon profile. This patented system means that the lower bridge of the profile is not pierced. It also eliminates the need for rim tape to ensure a perfect seal (no loss of pressure) when tubeless, and makes tire changing a touch easier.

Adaptative lay up

The Adaptive Lay Up saves 70g on the rim alone.

Unlike other wheels with a uniform profile, this exclusive draping technique allows carbon thicknesses to be varied according to the greater or lesser demands placed on the wheel. This means less material is used between the spokes; conversely, the rim is reinforced at the spoke holes where stresses are higher. All this is achieved without compromising the rigidity and strength of the wheel.

A streamlined, rigid and unbreakable spoke.

This one-piece carbon spoke runs from one side of the rim to the other, bypassing the hub axle to maintain continuity, and is three times stiffer than an aluminum or stainless steel spoke. Elliptical in shape and bonded to the hub using methods inspired by aeronautics, it is incredibly aerodynamic, strong and light.

Fore alu

A tubeless rim that's 20% stiffer and 4 times stronger.

Using a patented technology, a thread is created when the spoke hole is drilled. The spokes are screwed directly into the rim wall without any nipples. Only one of the two rim walls is drilled and the upper rim bridge remains intact. Benefits include no need for a rim tape (saving 30g) and increased rigidity. This is the most reliable tubeless system on the market, with the added benefit of easy tire fitting.
Infinity hub

An ultra-reliable high-performance hub concept.

Our Infinity hubs are designed to ensure perfectly uniform tension across all the spokes. This guarantees a very stable, smooth and durable wheel. Unlike other hub assemblies, there is no contact between the spokes, so there's no noise when the wheel is subjected to impact or high stress. All the spokes are identical in length and can be changed without dismantling the wheel. Simple and effective.
Roue libre ID360

In direct contact with your wheel.

The dual ratchet Instant Drive (ID) 360 system is designed so that your effort is transmitted instantly, without inertia, from the pedal to the wheel. This patented mechanism has proved its reliability on more than 1, 000,000 wheels produced to date and has been tested in the worst weather conditions: mud, snow, cold, sand, etc. What's more, maintenance is reduced to a minimum, and can be carried out without tools in just a few seconds.

Keep your wheel looking like new.

Two layers of protection are added to the rim: first, a black anodised layer, which is then covered by a second layer to create a perfect matte finish. As a result, it is twice as resistant to impacts and scratches as a conventional wheel, and the rim remains black longer.

Pinch Flat Protection (PFP)

Fewer punctures, more fun.

By creating a reinforcement on the rim edge to protect the tire from impact or pinching, PFP absorbs 20% more impact energy without risking a puncture. This advantage is particularly well suited to heavier bikes such as e-bikes, and for riding with lower tire pressures.

Mavic is the inventor of the tubeless system for bicycle wheels.

Thanks to a symbiotic relationship between the tire and the rim hook, Mavic’s tubeless tires experience 15% less rolling resistance, greater comfort and traction (grip) thanks to lower tire pressure, and weigh 20g less per tire than a standard tube system.
BOA Fit System
The BOA® Fit System offers a precise, micro-adjustable fit, designed to optimize performance in the toughest conditions.

Available in a variety of sizes, designs and user interfaces, BOA® discs allow you to fine-tune the fit, for quick adjustments and optimum performance on the fly.


The workhorse of the BOA® Fit System, BOA® laces are extensively tested in the field and in the most demanding environments, and are expertly configured for precision and performance.


Lace guides replace traditional eyelets with a more efficient design. The function of BOA® Lace Guides is to minimize friction and distribute the tension evenly.

Lightweight fabric for comfort and performance, high breathability, optimal fit and extreme durability. Made in France.
Mavic's lightest 100% carbon outsole, with strategically placed ventilation to keep feet cool and dry.
Our lightest and stiffest off-road carbon outsole. Increased rigidity in stress areas thanks to our unidirectional carbon soles. Rubber pads and lugs strategically placed on the sole for optimum power transfer.
This lightweight, compact adjustment system, combined with an ergonomic high-grip knob, provides 6cm of adjustment and perfect support. Integrated cushions ensure optimum comfort and moisture management. Compatible with ponytails. Available across the range.
Our Autofit chinstrap attachment system makes it easy to adjust the strap. Its unique construction, combining flat and tubular straps with a fixed overmolded end cap, guarantees a perfect fit around the ear without any adjustment. No more tangled straps - it's neat and tidy.
FidLock's magnetic closure system allows you to open and fasten your helmet quickly and securely with just one hand.
Thanks to its lightweight, thin XRD® foam, the helmet adjusts instantly to the shape of your head for all-day comfort.
Traditional helmets are designed and tested to protect against vertical impacts. However, the majority of falls occur at an inclined angle. These impacts cause a change in the rotation of the head, which can lead to brain damage. MIPS low-friction layer helps to reduce the rotation of the head during these angular impacts.

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