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All-terrain innovation
Mavic trail wheels are designed for mountain bikers seeking unmatched ride quality in all terrain. The fruit of unrivaled expertise on any type of trail, these wheels combine cutting-edge...
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Mountain bike wheels for trail riding are an essential component for tackling a variety of terrain with confidence, from technical descents to steep climbs. The most common questions revolve around strength, ideal rim width, rolling resistance, ride feel and suitability for wide tires. Frequent questions also involve hub innovations and the influence of spoke count on durability and responsiveness.. 
What rim width is best for trail bikes?
For trail riding, a rim width of 25 to 30mm (internal) is generally recommended. This width offers a good balance between weight, strength and performance. It also provides a better base for the wide tires typically used in trail riding, offering better traction and stability on varied terrain.
Are aluminum or carbon wheels better for trail riding?
Each material has its advantages. Aluminum is often more affordable, offers good impact resistance and can be more tolerant of wear. Carbon, on the other hand, is lighter and stiffer, which translates to better power transmission and increased responsiveness. The right choice  depends on budget and personal preferences in terms of ride feel and performance.
Why is the tubeless system recommended for trail riding?
The tubeless system is ideal for trail riding because it minimizes the risk of pinch punctures and allows for lower tire pressures. These lower pressures offer better traction and comfort, which are essential for trail riding. What's more, the absence of an inner tube reduces the risk of a tire bursting in the event of a puncture, enhancing reliability on technical terrain.
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