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Off-road, electrified

Electric MTB wheels

Off-road, electrified
Mavic electric mountain bike wheels are technological marvels that will revolutionize your assisted off-road experience. Our expert engineers were designing rims well before the advent of electricity...
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Electric mountain bike (e-MTB) wheels are specifically designed to handle the extra weight and power of electric bikes. Cyclists have questions about their durability, their ability to withstand the extra stress, the optimal rim width for better traction, and the difference between e-MTB wheels and conventional mountain bike wheels. Common concerns also involve compatibility with different tire types, suitable hub technologies, and the importance of weight for performance and handling. 
What are the specific characteristics of e-MTB wheels compared with traditional MTB wheels?
e-MTB wheels are reinforced to withstand the extra stresses imposed by the weight and power of electric mountain bikes. They often have wider rims to accommodate thicker tires, offering better traction and more stability. They also tend to have stronger spokes and hubs designed to cope with the increased power.
How does rim width affect the performance of an e-MTB?
Rim width directly influences the shape and profile of the tire. A wider rim allows the tire to spread out more, increasing the surface area in contact with the ground, which improves traction and is particularly useful for assisted climbing on an e-MTB. It is crucial to balance rim width and tire size, however, to avoid deformation or pinching.
How do I maintain and check the durability of my e-MTB wheels?
Because of the extra stress experienced by e-MTB wheels, they can wear out more quickly. It is essential to inspect rims regularly for signs of wear, check the integrity of spokes, and ensure that hubs are working properly. Regular maintenance, including re-tensioning spokes and checking alignment, will extend a wheel’s life.
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