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Mavic quick releases are the discreet superheroes that keep our wheels in place for worry-free pedaling. Not only do they provide a solid hold, they also give you the freedom to ride as you...

Bicycle wheel accessories are numerous and varied, meeting the precise needs of every cyclist. Common questions concern rim tape and valve extenders, as well as different types of tire, size, cross-section and compatibility, freewheel bodies depending on the group of components fitted to the bike, and the type of brake pads to use depending on the braking surface (carbon, Exalith, aluminum). Other  questions involve quick-release systems, wheel locks and axle adapters.

How do you choose the right inner tube for your wheel?
Selecting an inner tube depends on several criteria. An inner tube’s size must match the tire’s diameter and width. The type of valve (Presta or Schrader) must be compatible with the rim. Finally, the material and its weight and durability are considerations: Butyl rubber tubes are available in a variety of thicknesses and are generally more durable and heavier than latex tubes, which are lightweight and compact and create less rolling resistance. 

Why is rim tape so crucial and how do you select it?
Rim tape protects the inner tube from spoke heads and unevenness in the rim, making it essential for preventing punctures. Rim tape must match the diameter and width of the rim. It can also be found in rolls andcut to the right length. In general, the material (rubber or textile) is self-adhesive for easy application.

What are the advantages of wheel-mounted speed sensors?
Wheel-mounted speed sensors provide accurate, real-time measurement of bike speed. They are particularly useful for cyclists who train hard and want to monitor their performance. These sensors can be paired with bike computers or sports watches to display data and help track progress.

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