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A range of shoes specially designed for passionate triathletes, incorporating our technical innovations for enhanced performance.

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Triathlon cycling shoes, specially designed for fast transitions, are characterized by their quick closure, light weight and optimized ventilation. These shoes are compatible with various pedals and drain easily if they get wet. Key considerations for triathletes include size selection, comfort with or without socks, and maintenance before and after competitions.

What are the best cycling shoes for triathlons?

Triathlon shoes need to offer the perfect balance between comfort, power transmission and light weight. The key features to look for are a rigid carbon fiber sole for optimum power transmission, effective ventilation to prevent overheating, compatibility with bike cleats, and above all quick-opening/closing systems for a lightning-fast transition between disciplines.

What is the difference between road cycling shoes and triathlon shoes?

The main difference between road cycling shoes and triathlon shoes lies in their specific design and functionality. Road bike shoes are designed to offer maximum performance over long distances, with a rigid sole for energy transfer and power transmission, and a secure fastening system. Triathlon cycling shoes, on the other hand, are specially designed for rapid transitions between disciplines, with easy-to-adjust fastening systems and improved ventilation.

How do I choose the right size triathlon bike shoe?

To choose the right size  triathlon bike shoe, it's essential to measure the length of your foot correctly. Measure precisely the distance between your heel and your longest toe. Then refer to the size guide to find the exact match. It is generally advisable to choose a slightly larger shoe (without compromising a proper fit) to allow better air circulation and avoid pressure points that can make your feet go numb.

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