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Road Bike Shoes - Put your pedal to the metal
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Cyclists demand functionality, comfort and ease of maintenance from their road cycling shoes. Other factors to consider are compatibility with different pedal cleat systems, the rigidity of the sole, ventilation and durability. Cyclists also prioritize fit, performance and durability when justifying the higher purchase price of premium models. 

What are the best road cycling shoes for professional cyclists?

The best road cycling shoes for professional cyclists offer the perfect combination of lightness, stiffness and comfort. The key features to look for are a carbon sole for optimal power transmission and an efficient, fast and precise fastening system. Top options include the BOA Fit System®, which provides  micro-adjustability for a finely-tuned fit, and the Velcro® strap closure system.  All road cycling shoes should feature good ventilation to prevent overheating.

How do I choose the right size of road cycling shoe?

Ideally you are able to try the shoes on in person. If purchasing online, it's essential to measure the length of your foot correctly. Measure precisely the distance between your heel and the tip of your longest toe. Then refer to the size guide to find the exact match. It's important to note that sizes and width can vary from brand to brand, so it's a good idea to try your Mavic shoes on if you've never worn one before . Also make sure the shoe offers a snug but comfortable fit, without pressure points or excessive movement.

How do I care for and clean my road cycling shoes?

Pour entretenir et nettoyer vos chaussures de vélo route, commencez par retirer les semelles intérieures et les lacets, puis utilisez une brosse douce pour enlever la saleté et les débris. Si les chaussures sont très sales, vous pouvez les laver à la main avec de l'eau tiède et un savon doux. Évitez d'utiliser des produits chimiques agressifs qui pourraient endommager les matériaux. Après le nettoyage, laissez-les sécher à l'air libre, à l'écart de toute source de chaleur directe. Une fois sèches, vous pouvez appliquer un spray imperméabilisant pour protéger les chaussures de l'humidité et prolonger leur durée de vie.

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