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Equipped to roll

Bike Sleeves & Cycling Leggings

Equipped to roll

Mavic cycling sleeves and leggings are designed to defy limitations imposed by the weather and riding conditions.

With fitted, breathable arms and calves clad in leggings designed...

Bike sleeves, designed to cover and protect cyclists' arms, are appreciated for their versatility and ability to adapt to changing weather conditions. The most frequently asked questions concern the usefulness of sleeves compared with long-sleeved jerseys, the best way to wear them, their level of UV protection, and the differences between thermal and lightweight models. Other questions concern their effectiveness in wet conditions, their ability to wick away perspiration and their durability.
Why opt for sleeves  rather than a long jersey?
Sleeves offer greater modularity. During a ride, if the weather warms up, they can be easily removed and stored in a back pocket, unlike a long-sleeved jersey. What's more, they offer an economical and versatile alternative to a long-sleeved jersey, transforming a short jersey into a garment suitable for cooler conditions.
Do the sleeves offer UV protection?
Most cycling sleeves offer UV protection, which is essential for long rides in blazing sun. This protects the skin from the sun's harmful rays and reduces the risk of sunburn (forget the cyclist's tan).
What's the difference between a thermal sleeve and a lightweight sleeve?
Thermal sleeves are generally made from thicker materials and often have a brushed interior to add insulation.  Lightweight sleeves, on the other hand, are designed to be breathable and to wick away perspiration, while offering slight protection against wind chill. The choice over which is best  depends on weather conditions and a cyclist's personal preferences.
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