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Univers Gravel

Gravel Bike Range - Make everywhere your objective

For the Unexpected

Gravel cycling has no limits. Neither does our Gravel range. Using state-of-the-art technology and robust materials, we built the Gravel range to handle the most unexpected roads and demanding conditions with confidence. Each product is a compendium of innovation to help you push farther, whether on rocky trails or dusty roads.

Built to Last

The roughest roads are an invitation—accept it with the Gravel range. We made no compromises on durability, crafting the Gravel range to be the herald of difficult terrain. Each product, whether aluminum or carbon, tubeless or with tubes, is built to exceed the demands of the most challenging conditions. The bumpiest roads are no longer an obstacle.

Experience Style

The Mavic Gravel range will do more than just get you there and back—it’ll do so in style, standing out on the roads and trails with a clean aesthetic to match your own. We combined sharp and bold lines with robust functionality to help you push every adventure to its maximum potential—and to help you look good while doing it.  

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