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Proud of its heritage, Mavic looks to the future with a commitment to manufacturing its products as close as possible to our HQ in Chavanod, at the foot of the French Alps. To support these ambitions, Mavic can count on two historic French competence centers.

Words are important, and manufacturing, particularly by hand, is at the heart of our DNA. In 1889, Charles Idoux and Lucien Chanel founded the « Manufacture d'Articles Vélocipédiques Idoux & Chanel » in Lyon. The word "Manufacture" is thus inscribed in the very heart of the brand. Our own production sites in France reflect this expertise, handed down from generation to generation.

Saint-Trivier sur Moignans (Ain), Aluminum Competence Centre

We are convinced that mastering our know-how in France, a country with a rich cycling history, is a pillar of strength. It is our heritage and something we are very proud of. We select the best materials and calculate each of our profiles with the utmost precision. All the manufacturing is carried out by our in-house experts, who machine and produce high-precision rims and related products.

Chavanod (Haute Savoie), Carbon Competence Centre

At our headquarters in Chavanod, at the foot of the French Alps, we have unique resources dedicated to technological research and the creation of our carbon and composite products. It is in this French facility that our Cosmic Ultimate wheels are entirely designed and manufactured.

The adventure of these "Made in France" carbon wheels began in 1973 with the development of the first fiberglass lenticular wheel. In 1984, following extensive aerodynamic and materials studies, the first paracular carbon fiber wheels were ridden on track by the French team at the Los Angeles Olympics. Many Olympic medals were won in Barcelona in 1992 thanks to the new 3G wheel with three profiled spokes. In 1996, its descendant, the iO, became the most successful wheel in the world. 

Today, the Cosmic Ultimate is manufactured in the same building that houses our design and development teams.