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Featherweight performance

Carbon wheels

Featherweight performance
The quest for unrivaled cycling performance  perpetually leads us to push the limits of technology and materials. Carbon has emerged at the heart of this journey as the material of choice for...
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Carbon wheels are a coveted component and invoke many questions among keen cyclists. The predominant questions concern the durability of carbon, how it compares with other materials such as aluminum, the aerodynamic and weight advantages, compatibility with different types of tires, cost, maintenance, and performance in variable weather. In addition, questions focus on the impact of carbon technology on stiffness and responsiveness, as well as manufacturers' recommendations.
What are the advantages of carbon wheels over aluminum?
Carbon wheels offer clear advantages: they are lighter, which means faster acceleration and easier climbing. They are also stiffer, which means better power transmission and greater responsiveness over aluminum. These advantages often come at a higher price than aluminum.
How do you maintain and care for carbon wheels?
Carbon wheels require special care to ensure their longevity. It is advisable to clean them with water and neutral soap, avoiding aggressive chemicals. Regular visual inspection is essential to detect any signs of damage or cracks. For rim braking systems, specific pads for carbon are crucial to prevent premature wear and ensure optimal braking performance. 
Are carbon wheels suitable for all weather conditions?
Carbon wheels are designed to offer excellent performance in a variety of conditions. For bikes with rim brakes, however, braking ability may be slightly reduced in wet conditions. Recent technologies, such as the laser-etched brake track (exclusive iTgMAX technology) have improved braking performance, and many current models offer reliable braking even on wet roads. Nevertheless, it's essential to adjust your riding to the conditions to ensure your safety.
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