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Road bike range

Road bike range - Live every road to the fullest

Live every road to the fullest  Guaranteed efficiency, no matter where it takes you

Continuously Dynamic

Mavic’s road range doesn’t rely on clichés. Instead, we combine century-old know-how with the most progressive technology to rewrite the rules of speed and efficiency. Aluminum or carbon, rim brakes or disc, tubeless or with tubes, each element is meticulously designed and tested, so you can focus on your goals, whether that’s crushing timed segments, making the breakaway or pushing through a long-distance adventure. Have fun or exceed your limits—our road range does the rest.


Reliable and Repairable

All Mavic products are refined for reliability, with unrivaled robustness to meet the demands of whatever lies over the next climb. Manufactured mainly in France and Europe using the best materials and with meticulous attention to detail, all our equipment is unfailingly durable.  And because no beautiful thing should end, we work to increase the repairability of our products, which also reduces environmental impacts..


Experience, Elevated

We know how the simplest accessory can change the experience of the road. That’s why all Mavic products are designed to make life easier and more enjoyable. From installation to use, everything we make is focused on the essential pleasure of riding, so each pedal stroke elevates the experience to its full potential.


Key technologies

TechnologieInstant Drive 360

Le nouveau système de roue libre Instant Drive 360 est ultra-léger et efficace. Un joint en caoutchouc surdimensionné sans contact réduit la friction à son minimum, et un large choix d’adaptateurs le rend compatible avec un grand nombre de cadres et d’axes.

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