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Made in Italy, this is the ideal choice for cyclists looking for both optimum performance on the bike and exceptional comfort once off the bike. This shoe subtly combines the comfort, fit and efficiency of the BOA closure with the SPD cleat set up for better utility when walking about town.

The Cosmic BOA SPD's nylon and fiberglass blend sole offers efficient power transfer combined with off-road stability. With a stiffness index of 50, the sole provides plenty of power to the pedals, while remaining comfortable no matter the length of your ride. Whether you're climbing mountains or riding over rough terrain, the Cosmic BOA SPD is a strong, stable companion.

The Cosmic BOA SPD's technical rubber outsole is specially designed for adventures on varied terrain and roadside cafe stops. It offers exceptional abrasion resistance, allowing you to ride with confidence over variable terrain and walk on asphalt without feeling like you're wearing ice skates.The shoe's low-profile lugs allow for natural foot positioning and maximum efficiency.

The Cosmic BOA SPD features a lightweight BOA® L6 tightening system, which allows the shoe to be adjusted easily and precisely on the fly. This highly-adjustable retention system comes with the BOA guarantee, ensuring exceptional reliability and durability. The Velcro front closure further improves retention and comfort, a Yin to the BOA’s Yang.

Finally, the Cosmic BOA SPD is equipped with high-quality memory foam, designed to provide lasting comfort and reduce vibration. This foam molds intuitively to the shape of the foot, for optimum, personalized support. Whether you're riding on freshly-paved roads or rugged terrain, this shoe guarantees exceptional comfort..

The Cosmic BOA SPD shoe will delight cyclists looking for optimum performance on the saddle and exceptional comfort off the bike. With its rubber-mix outsole, BOA® L6 fit system and high-quality memory foam, it offers the best of all worlds.

Make the most of every mile with the Cosmic BOA SPDs.

Main features

Effective power transfer combined with off-road stability

Nylon and fiberglass sole is stiff for performance and power, but comfortable enough for all-day rides (with a 50 stiffness index)
Technical rubber outsole for dirt riding adventures and coffee stops with high abrasion resistance
Anti-slip texture for walking on pavement
Low profile lugs for optimal foot positioning
Compatible with all SPD pedals

Comfortable fit, easily adjustable

Lightweight Boa® L6 Fit System for on-the-fly micro-adjustment, backed by the Boa Guarantee
Velcro front closure enhances fit adjustability
High-quality memory foam insole is designed for long-lasting comfort and reduce vibration


  • Weight (8,5UK) per shoe : 280 g
  • Rubber pads
  • SPD Cleat Standard

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