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Spare parts

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Spare parts for cycling shoes allow cyclists to optimize, repair or customize their equipment. The main questions asked about them focus on the compatibility of cleats with different pedals, the replacement of BOA® cable and clamp buckles, the durability of replacement insoles, and how to choose insoles for greater comfort. 

How can I ensure that cleats are compatible with different brands of pedals?


Cleats for cycling shoes must match the type of pedals used. The most common systems are SPD, Look and Speedplay, among others. It is essential to check the manufacturer's specifications to ensure compatibility. Mavic shoes are designed to be compatible with the vast majority of cleats and pedals on the market.

When and how should I replace the BOA® cable and buckles on my cycling shoes?


The buckles and cable can wear out over time or suffer damage in a crash or related incident.BOA® systems in particular can easily be repaired if they have suffered an impact or the cable has broken. Contact our Mavic after-sales service, which offers a wide range of spare parts and will help you find the original parts for your shoes to ensure compatibility and a perfect fit.

How do I choose the right insole to increase the comfort of my cycling shoes?


Insoles improve the position of the foot, reducing fatigue and soreness while increasing comfort over the long haul. To choose, you need to consider the shape of your arch. Some insoles are designed for high arches, others for low arches.  If you are unsure of which category you fall into, consult with a specialist.

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