L'Etape du Tour - Let's train with Fränk Schleck (Week 3)


L'Etape du Tour - Let's train with Fränk Schleck (Week 3)

30Jun 2017

2 weeks to go until the Étape du Tour and I am going to give you some advice about your training to be able to finish the Étape du Tour and at the same time enjoy the fantastic scenery. Challenge yourself by setting your personal goal to finish this challenge and hit the Col de Vars and Col de l’Izoard.

Week 3

Duration : 12 Hours

This is the last week, you have to fine tune your fitness before your big day so don't lose focus. Feel how your body is reacting from the week 2. You should feel just fine and we can squeeze in more specific intervals needed for de EDT. On 2 days this week try 30/30 seconds intervals (2-3 times 7min during the ride). Choose a steady climb 4-6% lasting at least 7 minutes. Start this exercise by going 30 sec up to and little over your threshold. After these 30 seconds, change to an easy gear and keep spinning your legs to recover to a maximum. Once 30 sec recovery past you should see your heart rate back to zone G2. Keep repeating these efforts for 7min. By the 3rd or 4th minute interval, your heart rate will not drop down as much as during the previous 30-second-recovery timeframe. That’s what we are looking for: you hitting the threshold every 30 seconds. Make sure you’ve had a good warm up before hitting these efforts. No interval on the Sunday’s long ride.