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Mavic Wheels

Mavic is not just assembling rims, spokes, hubs and tires together, but we’re optimizing each components to create systems that are worth much more than the sum of their parts. We’re covering every single aspect of cycling with the widest selection of wheel-tire systems to make any bike stiffer, lighter, more comfortable, more aero and faster in any ways.

Road and Triathlon wheels

When low drag makes the difference, Mavic hyperaero wheel-tire systems bring you up front. When a racer is looking for perfect versatility, Mavic fast & light wheel-tire system line is the perfect answer. And when endurance riders need proven reliability, toughness and speed, Mavic endurance wheel-tire systems continue to bring those benefits.

MTB wheels

Whether racing or climbing on flowing singletracks, the cross-country family will help you to be quick and save energy. A mountain bike is an amazing exploration tool. Mavic has designed products that are agile and versatile to enjoy all trails. Explore the mountains, push your limits with full trust in your equipment: that's the motto of the enduro family.

Track Wheels

Mavic track wheels are the most advanced in the category. Stiffness, aerodynamics, weight... They have all the needed criteria to win gold in every discipline of the sport.