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Spare Parts

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Mavic offers a wide range of spare parts for its bicycle helmets. To find genuine spare parts, visit the official Mavic website, contact customer service or look for authorized dealers. Most are easy to replace yourself using our assembly instructions and videos if necessary.

What parts are most frequently replaced in Mavic helmets?


The most commonly replaced parts in Mavic helmets include the foam padding, the visors and their fixings, and the adjustment system. These parts are essential for maintaining the comfort, safety and functionality of your Mavic helmet. It is recommended that you regularly check the condition of these parts and replace them if they are damaged or worn.

How do I replace the foam padding on a Mavic helmet?

To replace the padding in a Mavic helmet, first remove the old padding by gently peeling it from the inside of the helmet. Be sure to clean the surface thoroughly before installing the new padding. Next, align the new pads with the corresponding slots on the inside of the helmet and press firmly to secure them in place. Check that the pads fit snugly and comfortably before wearing your Mavic helmet again.

Where can I find genuine spare parts for Mavic helmets?

To find genuine spare parts for Mavic helmets, we recommend you visit our official website or contact customer service directly. You can also consult authorized retailers or websites specializing in the sale of spare parts for bicycle helmets. Make sure you confirm the authenticity of the parts before buying them and installing them on your Mavic helmet, to ensure the quality and safety of the product.

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