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Mavic cycling apparel, including jerseys and shorts, is essential for an optimal cycling experience. Their close-fitting design improves aerodynamics, while technical fibers ensure comfort and moisture wicking. To provide your cycling wear with a long life, proper care and washing is crucial.
Why is cycling clothing so tight?
Cycling clothing, particularly jerseys and shorts, are designed to fit tightly to improve aerodynamics and enhance performance while pedaling. These compressive garments also promote blood circulation and muscle recovery, optimizing comfort and performance during longer rides.
How do I wash my cycling clothes?
To maintain the quality and durability of your cycling clothes, it is essential to wash them in cold water using mild detergent. Do not tumble dry; air dry instead. Always turn the garment inside out before washing to protect the technical fibers and reflective elements.
How important are good cycling shorts?
Good cycling shorts, like those offered by Mavic, are essential for comfort in the saddle.  A quality chamois reduces chafing and pressure points. Technical cycling shorts also wick away moisture and breathe better than non-performance outerwear, so riders can focus on the experience rather than a lack of comfort while in the saddle.
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