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The Mavic Gradient Sock is a must-have for cyclists seeking style, performance and comfort. With their 18 cm high upper offering optimal coverage and their graduated print available in three colors, the Gradient Sock adds a dynamic touch to any cycling’s outfit.

Impeccable aesthetics are provided as expected, but it's their blend of technologies at the service of the cyclist that sets these Gradient Socks apart. The Newlife fabric, made from recycled materials, reduces CO2 emissions by 32% (compared with the materials conventionally used in socks), while saving 94% and 64% water and energy, respectively. And all this for a level of quality and durability equivalent to that of a virgin yarn.

These socks owe their durability to zoned reinforcement, which is also synonymous with comfort. Whether you're pedaling long distances or venturing into rough terrain, these socks are designed to withstand daily wear and tear and offer superb comfort all day long.

By opting for Gradient Socks, you're not only making a noble gesture for your cycling, you're also helping to reduce your footprint on the planet. Tread lightly.

Main features

High-cut style with eye-catching color gradients

This season's gradient print available in three color schemes with a high cuff of 18 cm / 7 inch.

Performant and durable fabric

NEWLIFE fabric is made out of recycled materials and guarantees the same level of performance and quality as a virgin yarn. It contributes to reducing CO2 emissions (-32%) and also ensures water ( -94%) and energy savings (-64%).

All-day riding comfort

Light and breathable


  • Composition : 30% polyester
  • Composition : 64% polyamide
  • Composition : 6% elastan
  • High single cuff
  • Open structure for increased breathability 
  • Zoned reinforcement and cushioning  
  • Hot Ride