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The Mavic Ksyrium High Sock is a powerful concentration of technology in service of the foot, ready to accompany demanding cyclists on all their rides. They offer a premium fit, superior comfort and a touch of style for a cycling experience as unique as the rider.

The Ksyrium High Sock feature perfect arch support, ensuring a firm hold throughout the ride. An elastane compression band ensures that they stay snugly in place to not disturb a cyclist's best effort. What's more, the construction ensures a particularly precise anatomical fit with Mavic’s shoes, with flat seams on the toes to prevent any rubbing that could lead to chafing or blisters.

On the heel and toe, the Mavic Ksyrium High Sock is generously padded and reinforced for optimal cushioning. For even greater comfort, terry cloth on the metatarsals reduces the pressure exerted by the shoes on this sensitive area. Finally, the antibacterial properties of the integrated T-Care Plus® fiber provides freshness and hygiene for odor-free cycling.

But performance would be nothing without elegance, and the Ksyrium High Socks are distinguished by their attractive design and 21cm high upper, so you'll stand out on the road right down to your lower legs.

These socks face all the challenges of the road in comfort.

Main features

Dynamic and supportive fit

Dynamic arch support for a secure fit while compressive elastane cuff holds the sock in place.

Superior all day riding comfort 

Reinforced and padded heels and toes with terry-knit on the metatarsals for more cushioning. Anatomical fit, integrated construction to fit precisely with Mavic shoes. Flatlock seams on the toes.
T-CARE PLUS® fiber guarantees optimal freshness and hygiene thanks to permanent antibacterial active technology.

Two-tone color-blocking and high-cut style

Revisited two-tone Mavic branding for bold style, with a high cuff of 21cm / 8 inch.


  • Composition : 94% polyamide
  • Composition : 6% elastan