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The cycling life is about riding whenever you can. A quick spin before work, lunch ride, maybe a trainer session in the evening. And the weekend is your time to go long. This bib short is a comfortable choice for all the different types of rides you do.

The Heritage Bib Short features a smooth, supportive wrap on the legs and just the right amount of saddle cushioning and support. Recently updated to be more flexible for better freedom of movement, the multi-layer Ergo Essential insert is made from with two different densities and progressive cushioning. Beyond the chamois comfort,Heritage Bib Short also features a knit fabric that’s abrasion resistant, durable and lightly supportive of the leg muscles with 4-way stretch elasticity.

The contoured shape and ergonomic flatlock seams help prevent chafing, and elastic bib straps fit comfortably on various body sizes and shapes. The wide elastic on the legs gives a firm, comfortable grip that’s not too restrictive.

Main features

Stylish design celebrating Mavic’s historic heritage in cycling.

Inspired by Mavic’s historic heritage in cycling, the design celebrates our first logo for your ride

Comfortable, snug leg hold

Durable, light-support fabric with high elasticity ensures a comfortable hold on your legs while pedaling.
4-way stretch fabric engineered for maximum elasticity and abrasion resistance thanks to polyamide.

All-day comfort

Multi-layer Ergo Essential insert made with 2 different densities brings progressive cushioning.
Ventilated bib straps add comfort and breathbility.
Raw-cut edge on bottom leg with silicon offers comfortable grip.


  • Inside silicone leg grip
  • Raw cut stretch layer 
  • ErgoEssential