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Perfect blend of pedaling efficiency and walking comfort.

Carbitex internal plate produces stiff pedaling performance and flexibility for walking.
Plantar stiffness and forefoot flexibility.

Efficient grip and pedal connection.

Outsole and rubber zoning with optimized connection for flat pedals.
Traction lugs with Contagrip tread offers superb traction and durability.

Rugged durability for off-road adventure.

Thermal bonded construction combines multiple layers without overlaps, reducing weight and creating a snag-free profile.
Lightweight anti-rip material keeps trail dirt out and is easy to clean.
Molded toe cap for better protection.
There are lots of reasons to love flat pedals for trail riding. Many riders prefer the improved sense of confidence and control they feel with flats compared to clip-in pedals and shoes. We designed the XA Flex to be the ultimate shoe for flat-pedal trail riding, one that combines high-performance pedaling efficiency with maximum traction and comfort on and off the bike.

Riding with flat pedals can help you maneuver your body and adjust your riding position on aggressive terrain. Another benefit: While clip-in pedals allow you to “cheat” a little when trying to jump, hop or maneuver your way over trail obstacles, riding with flats helps you develop better skills without the aid of being clipped in.

The XA Flex is designed with a Carbitex internal plate that produces a stiff pedaling platform for efficiency and power, but also has just enough flex in the forefoot area to keep your feet comfortable, especially when walking. This is important because trail riding is about more than just pedaling. Adventurous rides often require you to hike up steep hills, climb slippery rocks, or carry your bike across flowing streams.

The XA Flex sole is designed with specific zones, featuring soft, grippy Contagrip lugs on the toe and heel areas for walking traction. The midsole has a flat bottom for maximum pedal grip, along with an added layer of vibration-damping material that adds compliance and minimizes the shocks that come up through the pedals.

The shoe is constructed with a lightweight, anti-rip material that can stand up to the abuses of trail riding. It has a molded toe cap to keep your toes protected from rocks, roots and other trail debris. The tough, lightweight upper sheds mud, dirt and water and is easy to clean. It all adds up to the ultimate flat-pedal connection.


  • Contagrip®
  • Carbitex


  • Endofit™ Tongue
  • OrthoLite®

Product Details

  • EVA midsole
  • Quicklace™