Product repair

MAVIC is committed to repairability.
The environment and waste reduction are key concerns for us, which is why MAVIC is committed to ensuring your wheel can be repaired for at least 5 years.

31Mavic Service Centers around the world

1,000spare parts & products available

Available at least 5 years after a wheel's last year on the market, potentially more for bearings, freehub bodies and some types of spokes.

20,000satisfied customers

In countries where MAVIC operates.

Repairing a wheel

Repairing a wheel is cost-efficient, quick and easy.
There are several options available to you:

Through your Mavic dealer

Through your Mavic dealer

Visit your regular Mavic dealer. They will be able to carry out an initial assessment and organize for the closest Mavic Service Center to fix your wheel.

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Repair your wheel yourself

Repair your wheel yourself

You’ll find all the relevant documentation on Mavic’s technical manual website. Spare parts are generally available from (or can be ordered from) your Mavic dealer.

Mavic technical manuals

Product servicing
and maintenance

Our products are designed to last.
Regular servicing and maintenance can help keep your wheels in action for longer.

Product manual

Product manual

Search the Mavic product manuals on our technical manual website.

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MyMavic App

MyMavic App

The MyMavic app offers tire width and pressure recommendations.

Technical manuals

Technical manuals

The technical manual for all of the products in our range can be found on our technical manual website.

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