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Protection and comfort.

Highly durable fabrics made specially for enduro riding.

Improved dexterity and control.

Silicone printing on fingertips provides secure grip for shifting and braking.
Preshaped gloves are tailored for on-bike finger dexterity.

MTB-specific features and functionality.

Integrated mesh between fingers to enhance breathability
Laser cut micro-ventilations in the palm
Enduro racing and riding puts unique demands on your gloves. When you’re tackling aggressive terrain, it’s important to protect your hands—both from trail vibrations and also trees, brush and other obstacles as you fly down the mountain.

Your gloves also must be comfortable, breathable and offer freedom of movement, because dexterity is key for maximizing control. The Deemax delivers with a second-skin feel and enduro-specific features including silicone on the fingers for extra grip.