L'Etape du Tour - Let's train with Fränk Schleck (Week 2)


L'Etape du Tour - Let's train with Fränk Schleck (Week 2)

22Jun 2017

3 weeks to go until the Étape du Tour and I am going to give you some advices about your training to be able to finish the Étape du Tour and at the same time enjoy the fantastic scenery. Challenge yourself by setting your personnel goal to finish this challenge and hit the Col de Vars and Col de l’Izoard.



Week 2

Duration: 10 Hours of training

Your 2nd trainingweek starts with a easy restday. Make sure you are fully recoverd before starting on Tuesday. We will increase the kms and hours by 30-50kms/1-2hrs. You are now capable of handling more time on the bike. We will put in some intensity work. The focus this week is to allow you to pace yourself well during the threshold workouts, but still allow you to get in Endurance kms where necessary. This week will no doubt be more difficult than the 1st week. Put in 2 EB (Medium) intervals in 2- 3 rides this week of 10 to 15 mins at or under your threshold. Theses intervals should be done after at least 1hr riding. You can do this on flat roads or on a steady climb. Choose wisely a 4-6% climb. Squeeze in the 2-3 sprints if possible.