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Track Wheels

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Track Wheels

In search of top speed The track is an arena, and Mavic Track wheels are the weapons to make you victorious. Specifically designed for lovers of speed and adrenaline, these wheels are a veritable ode to speed, a showcase for our most honed expertise. Ready to take off like a rocket? These light, stiff and incredibly responsive track wheels are perhaps the most recognised in the world when it comes to racing in the velodrome. For years they've been propelling the fastest riders to dizzying speeds. Mavic Track wheels have been designed down to the smallest detail to optimize every watt on every lap. Aerodynamic spokes and solid wheels with lenticular flanges reduce air resistance and maintain momentum, while aluminum or carbon construction pairs weight savings with strength to offer exceptional stability and handling. Reserved for the most discerning cyclists, Mavic Track wheels create the ultimate velodrome experience.

Price €3,749.00


The No. 1 choice of Olympic and world champion track racers, this carbon flyer is crafted with a wind-slicing 5-spoke design and wider rims for maximum stiffness and aero performance


Price €2,249.00


The world’s best track athletes won’t use anything else, why should you? This pro-level aero disc wheel is made with a convex lenticular body and a wide rim bed for seamless integration between the wheel and tire


Price €529.00


Reliable aero performance for everyday track training and racing