Mavic footwear

Mavic develops and creates mtb and road footwear. Discover our products.

Road and Triathlon footwear

Super light Mavic triathlon shoes are designed to enable fast, easy transitions. For road racer cyclists who want to be the fastest. Mavic Fast & Light footwear lines redefine lightness and energy transfer. For endurance road cyclists who want to the best balance between performance and comfort for long lasting ride. Keep your footwear in perfect condition and ready for action with these small parts and accessories.

Mtb footwear

Whether racing or climbing on flowing singletracks, the Cross-country family will help you to be quick and save energy. A mountain bike is an amazing exploration tool. Mavic has designed products that are agile and versatile to enjoy all trails. Explore the mountains, push your limits with full trust in your equipment: that's the motto of the All-mountain family.