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Riding is Believing


Mavic is offering you an opportunity to test our latest innovations. We want you to have the chance to experience the inspiring benefits of these products so you can be confident in your purchase.

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So fast, they need the best braking
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Wheel-Tyre system with the most aerodynamic carbon rims and the highest rolling efficiency of Road UST, compatible with disc brakes.
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The super fast Cosmic Pro Carbon SL Disc now goes even faster thanks to the added benefits of Road UST Tubeless.
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Even faster, thanks to UST.
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King of the Mountains
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The legacy wheel of the disc brake-compatible Ksyrium Family now gets wider rims and Road UST Tubeless capability for improved ride quality.
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The legacy of the Ksyrium family gets through a major step up: the lightest road tubeless alloy wheelset.
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The famous Ksyrium Elite now gets UST Tubeless ability for improved ride quality and comfort.
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The legendary Crossmax goes carbon
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Riding is believing

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{"nodes":[{"node":{"id":"mch-S1000","latitude":"46.201841","longitude":"6.147834","shopname":"ROCHAT CYCLES GENEVE","street":"Rue du Perron 19","phone":"0223100706","email":"","accessories":"No","apparel":"No","helmets":"No","pedals":"Pedals","premium":"0","rims":"No","tyres":"Tyres","website":"","wheels":"Wheels","city":"Geneva","distance":"5,178.25 km","postalcode":"1207","footwear":"No","baselayer":"No","sku":"400283 - Comete Ultimate RIB Bk/YEM","distance_miles":"3,217.61 mi","hash":"07d1be2b7ca9cda06df6147c4b33cef0/756888"}}]}


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