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Medium-Profile Rims

Medium-Profile Rims - Unleash your ambitions

Unleash your ambitions

Mavic’s Medium-profile Rims are nothing less than modern marvels, designed for cyclists seeking for the perfect balance between performance and versatility....
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There is a growing interest in medium-profile bicycle rims, with many questions comparing their characteristics to low-profile rims. Common questions relate to aerodynamic benefits, crosswind stability, weight, compatibility with different tire types, climbing performance, the best brands, the impact on average speed, durability, maintenance and optimal use situations. These questions show a desire to balance performance and versatility.
What are the aerodynamic benefits of medium-profile rims?
Medium-profile rims offer an excellent compromise between aerodynamics and weight. Their specific design reduces air resistance, improving speed and efficiency, especially on descents and flat terrain. While not as aerodynamic as high-profile rims, they generally outperform low-profile rims.
How do medium-profile rims perform in crosswinds?
Medium (or intermediate) profile rims are designed to offer better crosswind stability than high-profile rims. Thanks to their moderate height, they minimize the disruptive effects of wind, ensuring better control of the bike. This makes them particularly suitable for variable weather.
Is there a significant difference in climbing performance between medium- and low-profile rims?
While low-profile rims are often preferred in the mountains because of their light weight, medium-profile rims offer an appealing compromise. They offer aerodynamic benefits on descents and flat sections, while retaining a reasonable weight for climbing hills. Choosingbetween the two therefore depends on the specifics of the route and the rider's preferences.
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