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Low-Profile Rims

Low-Profile Rims - The essence of style

The essence of style

Mavic low-profile rims have turned many heads and even more tires. These little marvels of engineering are designed at the foot of the French Alps to take speed...
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Low profile bicycle rims attract cyclists who want to combine lightness and performance. The most frequently asked questions relate to their advantage in the mountains, aerodynamics, durability, weight, compatibility with different types of tires, impact on handling, the best brands, the difference in performance compared to  medium- or high-profile rims, recommended maintenance and their suitability to various terrain. These questions reflect a search for versatility and efficiency.
Why are low-profile rims preferred in the mountains?
Low-profile rims are often chosen for climbing because of their light weight. Their low height requires less material, which reduces their overall weight. In the mountains, every gram counts, so having lighter rims improves climbing efficiency and reduces overall rider fatigue. What's more, their low profile makes them less sensitive to crosswinds, offering better handling in windy conditions.
Are low-profile rims as aerodynamic as medium- or high-profile rims?
Low-profile rims are generally not as aerodynamic as their medium- (intermediate) or high-profile counterparts. Their design focuses on lightness and handling rather than optimizing aerodynamics.Riders who prioritize climbing performance or overall bike handling, however, will prefer this compromise in aerodynamics.
How do low-profile rims affect the bike's handling?
Low-profile rims offer superior handling, particularly in windy conditions. Their compact profile makes them less prone to the effects of crosswinds, allowing the rider to maintain better control of the bike. What's more, their light weight means faster acceleration and quicker changes of direction, which is particularly advantageous in technical terrain or criterium races.
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