Cycling shoe covers

Cycling shoe covers

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Cycling shoe covers

Protection where it matters most When the weather turns harsh, your feet bear the brunt of the wetness and cold. Mavic cycling shoe covers help you stay out there longer and go farther when conditions deteriorate, defying wind, water and freezing temperatures. Our shoe covers are designed to repel water, block wind and retain warmth, using top-of-the-line materials for waterproofing, insulation and breathability. With stretchy, durable and snug fabrics, they fit seamlessly with Mavic shoes but also work with products from our competitors. The magic of shoe covers lies in their versatility: they are easy to put on and can easily be stowed away as soon as the sun reappears, meaning you don’t need to compromise on comfort as you juggle changing seasons and difficult temperatures. Their sleek style and durable materials make all the difference. Jump feet first into new adventures—it's the perfect fit.

Made with warm neoprene material, these shoe covers protect your feet from the elements and increase your visibility in low-light conditions.


Price €65.00

Keep your feet warm and dry during cold fall and winter conditions with a shoe cover that’s simple to put on and take off