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Eliminate tingling sensation in the hands

High performance gel and foam pads located in strategic areas provide long-term cushioning and protection against falls

Lightweight and breathable

Very light, ventilated stretch fabric on back offers excellent moisture transfer and ventilation
Lasercut microvents on palm for extra ventilation

All day riding comfort

Pre-shaped patterning, increases flexible fit and allows maximum range of movement
The pull tab makes for easy on
Fingertip tabs help make it easier to remove gloves
Soft nose wipe on thumb absorbs sweat
Adjustable wrist closure strategically places on internal side reduces irritation and pressure points in the wrist when riding
The Ksyrium Gloves are the perfect choice for riders who prefer a high level of cushioning and good moments on their bike.

These gloves are the best answer for milder summer days, for beautiful rides to discover new roads and nature, whatever your practice, from road to XC.

This pair of gloves has been developed with the help of a hand physiotherapist. Featuring two different pads, the palm area has been scientifically designed to reduce road vibrations and increase comfort. The first pad, strategically placed on the metacarpal area, is made of 2mm foam. The second pad, placed to liberate the ulnar nerve and avoid any pressure points, bring another area of comfort and protect from other negative effects from road vibrations thanks to 3mm gel.

The palm material gives optimal ventilation thanks to perforated laser holes. Fingertip tabs help easily remove the gloves. A very strechy open mesh on the back hand help to increase breathability and assure an exceptional fit. A close knit is made to enhance the comfort with a soft fabric. Adjustable wrist closure strategically placed on internal side reduces irritation and pressure points in the wrist when riding.

The soft nose wipe fabric is designed to easily absorbe sweat.   

Product details

  • Adjustable hook and loop closure


  • Nose Wipe


  • Hot Ride
Easy on-off fingertips tabs

Easy on-off fingertips tabs

Ergonomic tab that makes it easy to put on or to take off
Pull tab

Pull tab

Small tongue on wrist to pull the glove when putting
Gel padding

Gel padding

Specific gel to progressively absorb vibration
Micro Vent

Micro Vent

Strategically placed micro laser perforations