L'Etape du Tour - Let's train with Fränk Schleck (Week 1)


L'Etape du Tour - Let's train with Fränk Schleck (Week 1)

16Jun 2017

4 weeks to go until the Étape du Tour and I am going to give you some advices about your training to be able to finish the Étape du Tour and at the same time enjoy the fantastic scenery. Challenge yourself by setting your personal goal to finish this challenge and hit the Col du Vars and Col de l’Izoard!


Before you start the training program you should do a fitness test. The Test itself is two 8-minute efforts, this way you will find your personal zones KB, G1, G2, EB.

Step 1 - Focus entirely on completing this effort at the highest heart rate output you possibly can do for 8min. Try to maintain a cadence above 90 rpm on flat ground or on an indoor trainer, and above 85 rpm if you’re completing the test on a climb. When you get to the final minute of the time trial, really open the throttle.

Step 2 - You will be very exhausted but keep pedalling easy and recover for 10min before doing 2nd effort.

Step 3 - Repeat the same 8min and concentrate on your highest heart rate output and finish the 8min completely done and toasted.

Step 4 - Easy pedalling until you are back home.

Step 5 - The recorded data will help you find the highest heart rate ex. 182bpm and you calculate your personnel training zones with the % per zone you find just under

Example - G1

Highest heart rate during the Test: 182bpm

182*60% = 110               182*70% = 128                     

Here we would see G1 = 110-128bpm

Week 1

Duration: 9 Hours of training

The first week we are looking to get the kms in and getting good sensations in the legs and body. Try to organise group rides and get use to peoples and friends riding next to each other. Pace your rides by staying in endurance G1/G2 zones. Play with your group by setting up 1 or 2 sprints and a specified signes wherever you like. This way you wake up your body and get tone in your legs.

It will prepare you well for future workouts.