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Superlight for pro-level climbing performance.

Low-profile collar around the ankle to increase range of motion. Full Carbon Energy SLR outsole is 10 grams lighter for reduced rotational mass. Ultra-low 6.5mm stack height for a more efficient pedal stroke.

Total support and comfort for intense efforts.

Lightweight upper features a supportive TPU frame that is laser welded to ultralight mesh panels. Seamless construction keeps your feet cool in the hottest temperatures. New anatomic last gives precise heel hold, and a rounded toe box improves comfort. Heel support is integrated into the upper, eliminating the need for bulky materials on the outside of the shoe.

Supreme power transfer without sacrificing comfort.

Ultralight overlap upper keeps your foot stable for efficient power transfer while maintaining a consistent feel across your foot. A single BOA® Fit System IP1 offers micro-adjustability with 1mm increments and a quick and easy release system.
Riding hard in the mountains puts intense pressure on your feet. That’s why we designed the Cosmic Ultimate SL to not only be ultra lightweight and stiff, but also to provide a higher level of foot stability and support.

The upper is made with a supportive TPU frame that’s laser welded to ultralight mesh panels. It has a low-profile collar to reduce negative torque, along with an ultra-low 6.5mm stack height that gives you a close connection to the pedals. The Energy Full SLR Outsole is also 10g lighter than our previous outsoles. Every little bit helps in the hills.

The last features a precise anatomic heel hold and a rounded toe box. It also has a heel retention system inside the structure, so there's no need for extra elements or weight to achieve a precise, personalized fit.

Usually, power transfer is all about the outsole. But we’ve created a new overlap upper that ensures every watt you produce goes straight into the pedals. It provides a snug, even fit with no pressure or hotspots. And the premium Boa IP1 closure dial gives you micro-adjustment for a precise fit and performance, plus a quick and easy release system.


  • 200 grams (Shoe)


  • Energy Full Carbon SLR Outsole


  • BOA® Fit System IP1
  • Welded mesh upper

Product details

  • Titanium V-Plate
  • Rubber pads
  • Delivered with mesh shoe bag
Energy Full Carbon SLR Outsole

Energy Full Carbon SLR Outsole

The lightest Mavic outsole, with optimal stiffness, made by hand utilizing uni-directional carbon fiber which is embedded with epoxy thermo setting resin. The fibers are hand laid in the matrix according to the strain they will have to bear. The SLR utilizes unidirectional carbon fiber allowing to create a performance cycling shoe with very specific strength characteristics based on stress points in cycling. Strategical vent has been placed according to create a airflow into the shoe along to keep you feet dry.
BOA® Fit System IP1

BOA® Fit System IP1

IP1 features incremental adjustment when the dial is under tension, and a pull up for quick release interface. IP1 also offers a mirrored system for left and right dial rotation in the same or opposite direction, depending on mounting location
Welded mesh upper

Welded mesh upper

Lightweight upper features a supportive TPU frame highly ventilated with integrated air vents all-over providing direct airflow into the shoe along with a laser welded ultralight mesh upper. Seamless construction keeps your feet cool in the hottest temperatures.