It’s a mantra we wish was sometimes our reality. We dream of long hours in the saddle with our friends that share this affliction. We ride hard but not always – sometimes it’s just about reconnecting. The hottest summer days are the ones that offer the best rewards. Racing fuels our passion whether we’re doing it … or watching it. We believe France is the benchmark for cycling but Spain and Italy knocking on the front door. We love to climb, we love to descend and if we have a tailwind for the last 10k on the flats … we’ve found our Utopia.

We dream of long hours in the saddle with our friends that share this affliction

Cosmic products will tick all the boxes for performance and reliability for whether it’s for victory on the Champs Elysees, rolling the Massif Central or taming the Mont Ventoux.


Cosmic Ultimate Bib Short

Long hours in the saddle have met their match. There are few things as personal as the bib shorts you trust for your longest rides. Thanks to our Ergo 3D Pro chamois with Ortholite® foam you'll be comfortable no matter how long you’re in the saddle.

Cosmic Ultimate Helmet

Climbing the Mont Ventoux when it is 40 degrees in July isn’t all about your legs. With exclusive Live Fit technology eliminating the pressure points which cause annoying hotspots, 37.5™ fabric technology to reduce moisture in the hottest temps and 26 cooling vents you will notice something particularly curious about your 210g helmet. Nothing.
No Pressure points

Cosmic Pro Shoe

Inspired by the Cosmic Pro LTD worn by our World Tour riders in the Tour de France, the Cosmic Pro offers the best combination of performance, weight and all-day comfort. With a supple ventilated upper and precise adjustability thanks to our proprietary dual Ergo Dial QR system, you have the optimal shoe for long excursions on your favorite roads.
Comfortable Performance for the Big Rides
Power when you need it


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