New MTB apparel and gear range

Road and Triathlon
Essential Baggy Short

Regular Price: 100,00 € Discount: -1%

Special Price 99,00 €

This technical baggy short is made with stretchy, durable and lightweight fabrics. With lots of pockets and a stylish fit, it's the perfect all-rounder short for multiple cycling activities.

Deemax Pro Long Sleeves Jersey

Special Price 85,00 €

Designed to meet the demands of Enduro World Series champ Sam Hill, this long-sleeve jersey delivers pro-level comfort and protection.

Road and Triathlon
Essential Long Fingers Glove

Special Price 45,00 €

This full-finger glove is made with a protective, breathable material and three zones of gel padding, making it perfect for long road or MTB rides.

XA 3L Belt

Special Price 60,00 €

This MTB belt offers three liters of secure storage so you can comfortably carry everything you need for the trail without a bulky backpack.

XA Pro Helmet

Special Price 100,00 €

This progressive trail helmet delivers maximum comfort and full protection for off-road shredding.

XA Matryx® Shoe

Special Price 180,00 €

This progressive trail shoe is comfortable, stable and durable. It's an ultra-capable all-rounder to fuel your wildest adventure rides.

Echappée Trail Elite II Shoe W

Special Price 125,00 €

This durable women's MTB shoe offers comfort, traction and protection for mountain touring versatility.

XA Elite II Shoe

Special Price 110,00 €

This durable trail shoe offers comfort, traction and protection that's perfect for trail riding or long-distance adventures.

Deemax Pro Flat Shoe

Special Price 170,00 €

Built to push the limits of gravity riding, this flat-soled shoe features Matryx technology for lightweight efficiency and extreme durability.

Deemax Elite Flat Shoe

Special Price 120,00 €

This flat pedal trail shoe provides a confident pedal connection and added stability so you can ride aggressive terrain with confidence.