Allure - noun - the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating.
Allure Limited Edition Cosmic Pro Shoe
290.00 €
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In French cycling, Allure carries another meaning that is loaded with emotion and defines the spirit of a race. It is the tempo of the peloton or the break and it ebbs and flows as a race takes shape.
Allure Limited Edition Cosmic Jersey
120.00 €
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When you combine the definition of Allure with the connotation from the peloton you feel the inspiration behind our latest limited-edition kit. Made in the Alps of France, it brings together speed and style with a sartorial elegance for discerning cyclists.
Allure Limited Edition Cosmic Bib Short
160.00 €
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Allure Limited Edition Roadie Cap

Caps not hats. Our stylish Allure cap is made of a soft and light polyester that wicks sweat efficiently and dries quickly. It also features a soft and supple elastic band ensuring perfect fit and comfort for long rides.

Allure Limited Edition Cosmic High Sock

A soft and luxurious sock with a high cuff and a classic French style. Highly breathable and made with permanent antimicrobial properties to keep your feet cool and odor free even on the hottest rides.


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