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Exceptionally light and breathable

Matryx upper keeps the foot stable for maximum power transfer and a snug, comfortable fit across all areas of the foot. Woven material and vents offers maximum breathability. Designed to be superlight with a total weight of just 210g (size 8.5). Delivered with titanium V-plate.

Maximum power transfer

Matryx technology upper with Kevlar weaved into the material offers comfortable, efficient foot-mapping support. Full Carbon Energy SLR outsole minimizes weight and rotational mass. Low 6.5mm stack height produces a more efficient pedal stroke. Thin sole construction keeps foot close to the pedal for maximum efficiency.

Faster transitions

Heel loop is designed specifically for triathlon use. Wider strap makes transitions fast and easy. Main strap can be cut to fit. Velcro under the Ortholite insole keeps it in place during transitions.
Superior pedaling efficiency, foot support and a precise fit to shave seconds off your triathlon times. With its innovative design and lightweight materials, the Ultimate Tri offers real-world performance gains in all types of triathlon events, from sprint distance triathlons to Ironman events.

Our Matryx technology offers a breakthrough advantage for triathletes with foot-mapping support and superior breathability. This lightweight yet durable upper is ideal for riding without socks and perfectly suited to a competitive triathlete’s needs. The key is its innovative weave of polyamide and Kevlar yarns. Each is coated individually, rather than adding a coat to the entire upper, which makes the shoe lighter and more breathable. And strategically placed vents create airflow into the shoe to further aid in cooling and drying.

The sole is engineered with our lightest material, ultra-stiff SLR uni-directional carbon fiber that’s embedded with an epoxy thermo resin. The fibers are laid up by hand and strategically positioned to optimize pedaling efficiency. Our distinctive Fast Strap closure makes it easy to fly through the transition and get a secure, comfortable fit without any fuss. The wide main strap can be cut to fit, and Velcro under the Ortholite insole holds it in place during transitions.


  • 230 grams (Shoe)


  • Energy Full Carbon SLR Outsole


  • Ergo Tri Strap
  • OrthoLite®
  • Matryx®

Product details

  • Cuttable main strap
227 mm
231 mm
235 mm
240 mm
244 mm
248 mm
252 mm
257 mm
261 mm
265 mm
269 mm
274 mm
278 mm
282 mm
286 mm
290 mm
295 mm
299 mm
303 mm
307 mm
227 mm: 36
231 mm: 36 ⅔
235 mm: 37 ⅓
240 mm: 38
244 mm: 38 ⅔
248 mm: 39 ⅓
252 mm: 40
257 mm: 40 ⅔
261 mm: 41 ⅓
265 mm: 42
269 mm: 42 ⅔
274 mm: 43 ⅓
278 mm: 44
282 mm: 44 ⅔
286 mm: 45 ⅓
290 mm: 46
295 mm: 46 ⅔
299 mm: 47 ⅓
303 mm: 48
307 mm: 48 ⅔
Energy Full Carbon SLR Outsole

Energy Full Carbon SLR Outsole

The lightest Mavic outsole, with optimal stiffness, made by hand utilizing uni-directional carbon fiber which is embedded with epoxy thermo setting resin. The fibers are hand laid in the matrix according to the strain they will have to bear. The SLR utilizes unidirectional carbon fiber allowing to create a performance cycling shoe with very specific strength characteristics based on stress points in cycling. Strategical vent has been placed according to create a airflow into the shoe along to keep you feet dry.
Ergo Tri Strap

Ergo Tri Strap

- Our patented large-strap system enabling you to leave the strap resting open - for faster step-in during transitions


A high-quality insole designed to prolong comfort performance and reduce vibration


Patented technology made with Carbon and Polyamide high tenacity provides outstanding high abrasion resistance, and foot mapping support where need it and superior breathability