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Protection, durability and high power transfert

High-end synthetic woven material is easy to clean and durable Extended Rubber Toe cap texture for lightness & durability The composite Carbon and Glass fiber outsole gives a great energy transfert

Precise fit and easy adjustability

The BOA® Fit System allows you to customize your fit with instant micro-adjustments for effortless precision that better connects you to your gear Velcro front closure enhances fit adjustability

Grip on off-road terrain

The fully injected outsole provides 30% better grip than previous version with high abrasion resistance Our Energy Grip is made of 6 traction and 3 braking lugs with bigger volume for walk stability and good pedal support
For cyclists who are looking for performance and comfort for cross country, with a good level of grip when they need to walk, because their plan is not to win a XC World cup but enjoying a technical ride and feel safe with a performance pair of shoes. Crossmax Elite SL is their shoe.

Inspired by our high-end Ultimate XC shoes, we have focused our attention on comfort and efficiency, and a special focus was made on improving pedal stability and grip : our new Energy Grip is 40% more efficient than the previous Crossmax Elite version.

The BOA® Fit System L6 that allows the upper to cradle your foot with a snug but comfortable fit. It offers micro-adjustment and a quick release for convenience.
This special shoe is made of a high-end synthetic woven materials for a durable and comfort shoe during your journey. We also added rubber on toe cap to increase the durability.
The Crossmax Elite SL features a composite Carbon and Glass fiber outsole providing a superior stiffness, which guarantees a better energy transfer from your legs to your pedals and an amazing stabilization on your bike.
The new Energy Grip has been clearly improved than the previous version, thanks to a full injected TPU material for off-bike natural movement. We’ve also lifted the heel and the design of lugs for an even more natural feeling while walking.


  • 330 grams (Shoe)


  • Spikes ready


  • OrthoLite®
  • Boa® Fit System L6

Product details

  • Delivered with removable dry traction studs
227 mm
231 mm
235 mm
240 mm
244 mm
248 mm
252 mm
257 mm
261 mm
265 mm
269 mm
274 mm
278 mm
282 mm
286 mm
290 mm
295 mm
299 mm
303 mm
307 mm
227 mm: 36
231 mm: 36 ⅔
235 mm: 37 ⅓
240 mm: 38
244 mm: 38 ⅔
248 mm: 39 ⅓
252 mm: 40
257 mm: 40 ⅔
261 mm: 41 ⅓
265 mm: 42
269 mm: 42 ⅔
274 mm: 43 ⅓
278 mm: 44
282 mm: 44 ⅔
286 mm: 45 ⅓
290 mm: 46
295 mm: 46 ⅔
299 mm: 47 ⅓
303 mm: 48
307 mm: 48 ⅔
Spikes ready

Spikes ready

Compatible with spikes


A high-quality insole designed to prolong comfort performance and reduce vibration