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Versatile performance on and off the bike.

Rubber outsole for dirt riding adventures and coffee stops. Anti-slip tread for walking on slick concrete or pavement. Compatible with all SPD pedals. Energy Carbon Comp outsole. Index Energy Transfer: 80

Comfortable fit, easily adjustable.

Lace closure offers precise adjustment and contemporary style. Elastic on the tongue keeps the laces in place throughout your ride. The OrthoLite insole offers maximum comfort on the soles of your feet.

Efficient power transfer.

Composite sole made from a combination of fiberglass and nylon for added rigidity. Low profile for optimal foot positioning.
You don't need an ultra-stiff Tour de France level racing shoe for every road ride you do. Sometimes you want something that balances performance, comfort and style—and won't look out of place when you stop for a coffee.

The Allroad Elite gives you a stable connection to your bike and is compatible with SPD pedals. It's a great choice for adventurous rides in urban environments or rugged backroads. The lace closure makes it easy to fine-tune the fit while adding a modern look, and with a rubber tread on the bottom, you can walk with them on dirt or slick floors and surfaces.

But just because they're comfortable, doesn't mean they're not efficient. Our Energy Carbon Comp sole makes the most out of every watt of energy you put into the pedals, so you can climb steep hills and ride longer distances.


  • 295 grams (Shoe)


  • Energy Comp Allroad Outsole


  • OrthoLite®

Product details

  • Lace closure
  • SPD Cleat Standard
  • Rubber pads
Energy Comp Allroad Outsole

Energy Comp Allroad Outsole

Efficiency of a road sole with the conveniency of a MTB sole


A high-quality insole designed to prolong comfort performance and reduce vibration