Road & triathlon wheels

Hyperaero wheels

When aerodynamic efficiency makes the difference, Mavic Hyperaero Wheel-Tyre Systems bring you to the front. Our Hyperaero WTS line features the most advanced technologies and perfectly integrates the wheel and tyre to deliver the lowest drag ever. Amazing World Tour race results are our best proof.

    The reference rear Wheel-Tyre System for time trial and triathlon
    2 100,00 €*
      The 1st Wheel-Tyre System that flows as a single unit for time trial, triathlon and flat races
      2 490,00 €*
        The tubular WTS that flows as a single unit, for triathlon, sprints and hilly races
        2 200,00 €*
          The clincher WTS that flows as a single unit, for triathlon, sprints and hilly races
          1 990,00 €*

          Fast & light road wheels

          When a racer is looking for complete versatility, Mavic Fast & Light Wheel-Tyre system line is the perfect answer. Our Fast & Light WTS feature the best blend of lightweight, high stiffness and great aerodyanmics to deliver the highest possible efficiency.

            The next generation Cosmic Carbone Ultimate is the WTS all competitors are trying to beat
            2 900,00 €*
              The race proven versatile Wheel-Tyre System - Light, stiff, aero and strong
              2 100,00 €*
                The first reliable carbon clincher
                1 990,00 €*
                  The best balance of aerodynamics and lightweight
                  1 490,00 €*
                    The best value aerodynamic wheelset, lighter and stiffer than ever
                    995,00 €*
                      The access to the Mavic aerodynamic WTS for road racers and triathletes
                      450,00 €*

                      Performance & comfort road wheels

                      Endurance riders need proven reliability and toughness. But they also need speed, so high performance must be part of the equation. Mavic Performance & Comfort Wheel-Tyre Systems continue to bring those benefits, always pushing the envelope further.

                        The lightest alloy wheelset available makes it the perfect wheel for demanding climbers
                        1 800,00 €*
                          Racers’ responsiveness and light weight performance
                          1 390,00 €*
                            Light and stiff as ever
                            1 200,00 €*
                              The legendary Ksyrium SLS
                              900,00 €*
                                The famous Ksyrium Elite: lightweight and reliable performance
                                600,00 €*
                                The lightest Ksyrium Equipe ever featuring high end tyres
                                425,00 €*
                                The access to Mavic Wheel-Tyre System performance: light and reliable
                                250,00 €*

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